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Blog #3 Recharge Your Amethyst

Just in time for the New Year, here is a pick me up to help you recharge your spiritual batteries and banish the post holiday blahs.

The universe is made of energy, tiny vibrating atoms that connect you to everyone and everything energetically. Stress is a form of negative energy that depresses your energy levels and causes additional low-frequency vibrations to accumulate and overwhelm you.

You have the power to attract positive energy and vibrate higher – the natural energetic power of gemstones can help you! Change your thinking and your spiritual energy, using gemstones that are naturally tuned to increase your energy levels and help you attract and build positive spiritual connections.

The geological processes that create gemstones imbue them with a unique electrical charge. These electrical potentialities can interact with and influence your body’s natural electromagnetic energy field, helping you restore a healthy and happy balance, while supporting positive emotional feelings and healing.

Two beautiful gemstones that can support your positivity and bring you happiness are Amethyst and Citrine.


Blog #3 Recharge Your AmethystAmethyst

Amethyst is known traditionally as the gemstone of serenity, with the power to ward away and alleviate stress. Wear the Amethyst Pirouette Necklace close to your heart to help inspire inner balance and outer calm during this crazy, stress-filled time of year. The necklace and crossover bracelet together will fill you with the positivity and patience you need during this hectic time of year.


Quartz Mineral Stone Minerals Crystal Citrine


Citrine is a gemstone that helps you transform and release negative energy, creating room to attract positive energy into your soul. The Citrine Twist Necklace and Citrine Crossover Bangle together radiate beauty and positive energetic vibrations, the perfect combination to enable your personal energy empowerment.


That’s it for now; I’ll have more tips on staying balanced through gemstones, and spotlight a couple of our favorite empowering pieces of jewelry next time!


Bye for Now!




Leslie Lothamer
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