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Gemstones can inspire your creativity as well as assist you with your spiritual connections? Gemstones and crystals in history produce an electrical charge when compressed over time during the formation of the earth. This is known as the piezoelectric effect. It is believed throughout history that these electrical currents and pulses have an affect on our own body’s electromagnetic energy fields, and can therefore help to balance and or generate desired emotional feelings or results of the gemstone wearer. Gemstones are not only beautiful; they help us to feel more connected to our own energy body and higher consciousness. Even if you don’t believe, they are still gorgeous and amazing natural creations.


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Atoms vibrate

The vibrational motion of atoms within crystals are constantly moving toward neighboring atoms, leading to wavelike multiplication. These natural vibrations travel through the crystalline structure determining the fundamental properties of the material. For example, the vibrations determine how well heat electrons can pass through the material, and how well the material interacts with light.


Research shows that changing out a small fraction of these atoms with atoms of different elements will change the speed and frequency of these vibrations. The vibrations travel as particles called phonons, these carry heat, scatter electrons, ans affect electrons interactions with light. This introduces distortions in the lattice and affects the whole vibrational frequency of the crystal. Slowing the phonons shows this converts electricity into heat. It is believed that the change, vibrations and speed of the phonons connect and vibrate with our body’s own vibrational frequencies, thus creating a change or affect within us.

The crystals can slow the movements or vibrations of the atoms within our electromagnetic fields, producing a calming affect on the body. Vice versa for a crystal with fast moving vibrations, this can produce an energetic frequency within the body creating more energy and excitement within. Fascinating right? After researching long and hard, I have come to believe in the power of crystals and gemstones generating or changing our desired emotional energy frequencies.

I use Crystals and gemstones from across the globe, all vibrating at different frequencies. When these vibrations are combined with my unique jewelry designs and energies of the metals throughout, this creates for you an amazing and powerful inner and outer transformation. Blending beauty with energy will carry you positively through your life’s dance.    

I choose the gemstones and the jewelry I wear based on how I am feeling, and how I want to feel throughout the day. You don’t have to be a believer in magic or gemstone healing to use their beauty as a reminder of how beautiful you want to feel.. Either way, gemstones constant reminders that you deserve to feel and look beautiful inside and out.

Gemstones are my sadness on a bad day and my joy on a sunny day. The color I choose will not just match my outfit, but my mood to a T. A lustrous red Garnet when Im feeling fiesty or a dark black onyx if a need a little grounding. Gemstone meanings really do match the colors they hold and it’s a joy whether it’s a fact or not, to believe our moods will follow.

Blog #4 Gemstones (1)An awesome statement cuff with a healing stone of turquoise brightens my day, makes me look and feel fabulous and is a constant reminder of the beauty around me. Fashion is a huge part of my life but I have always struggled with dressing myself. Silly right? No joke, I am the worst! I appreciate clothes, color and style so much, but for me, I use amazing chunky statement necklaces, a cuff on each arm and layers around my neck to make my fashion statement. Never once have I felt insecure, ugly or like my outfit didn’t look good. Why? Because jewelry completes me! Jewelry helps me complete my looks daily and this amazing and stunning one of a kind jewelry can do that for you too..  

Remember what we think becomes our reality.

No matter what it is, if you think it, it becomes real so I choose stones that will give me the confidence I seek and a boost towards but the mood I am shooting for that day.. I admit I have struggled with my emotions in the past and today I truly appreciate the awareness I have of how I am feeling at all times. Wearing a gemstone and unique meaningful but beautiful jewelry is a reminder that I have a choice about how I want to feel. And because of the jewelry I choose I appreciate every feeling of happiness, joy, sadness even anger always.


Leslie Lothamer
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