Dancing Opal Necklace

Candy Opal, Garnet, and Sterling Silver Necklace

Embrace your playful side with this beautiful one of a kind Candy Opal and Garnet gemstone necklace with Sterling Silver accents that symbolize movement, flow and dance. The versatile colors will add a beautiful focal point to whatever you wear.

  • Natural Candy Opal
  • Sterling silver
  • 16” sterling necklace chain

Gemstone Properties

Candy Opal

This colorful, natural gemstone is Candy Opal and it is found in western Utah. It is also known as Bacon Opal. Opal is said to be a calming stone that will help you relax. In many cultures Opal is considered a stone of inspiration and change and is said to provide one with the ambition to overcome obstacles.



From the very start, this piece sort of created itself and came together looking and feeling alive. This is perfect and truly reminds me of a dancer whose movements are ever flowing and rhythmic. In designing this necklace, I felt the same joy and artistic flow as the dancers it represents.

Additional Information

Weight0.5 lbs

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