Devonian Coral Cuff Bracelet – Peace from the Sea bracelet

Peace From The Sea Bracelet

Devonian Coral Cuff Bracelet

Coral comes from the sea and transfers energies of peace and emotional tranquility to the wearer. The fossilized Coral cabochon in this bracelet was hand formed by Tamara, and is encased in a modern bezel setting and band made of .999 fine silver.  This gorgeous cuff is as comfortable as it is beautiful and pairs perfectly with Devonian Coral Porcelain Jasper Necklace.

  • Devonian Coral Cabochon by Tamara 17x34mm
  • 7″ Medium – Adjustable Cuff
  • .999 Fine Silver
  • Overall Weight 1.51 oz.


This piece is also available as part of a set. View the set page for more details.

Devonian Coral Cuff Bracelet – Peace from the Sea bracelet

Gemstone Properties

Devonian Coral

Fossilized Devonian coral gemstone that is at least 350 million years old. Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing and strength. Like the water, this stone is thought to heal the body, bring the wearer peace, and assist in emotional tranquility.



This Coral bracelet was handmade with a deep love for fossilized coral from the sea, its history of formation here on earth, and its healing properties. The beauty of this stone blends beautifully with the .999 fine silver modern cuff that surrounds it. The silver and the stone together inspired me to create a setting that allows the amazing gemstone to take center stage while the silver itself makes its own perfect modern statement.

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