Fine Silver Palmwood Earrings – Precious Palmwood Earrings

Fine Silver Palmwood Earrings

Handmade Precious Palmwood and Sterling Silver Earrings

Make your fall and winter statement in these beautiful handcrafted Fine Silver Petrified Palm Wood Earrings. Pair these beauties with the matching Precious Palm Wood Necklace to complete your overall look and make your fashion statement.

  • Drop Earrings
  • Palmwood Gemstones
  • Fine Silver
  • Sterling Silver Earwires
Fine Silver Palmwood Earrings – Precious Palmwood EarringsFine Silver Palmwood Earrings – Precious Palmwood Earrings

Gemstone Properties

Petrified Palm Wood

This amazing petrified palmwood stone is a 20-40 million year old fossil from palm trees back in in the Oligocene Epoch of the Paleogene Period, yes at least forty million years old, give or take a few years.

What is now arid Texas use to be a lush tropical forest 100 million years ago; trees that fell into mineral-rich mud before having a chance to decay became petrified wood, which is actually a quartz-like stone. The organic wood cells were replaced over time by minerals, often retaining the detailed shape of the original prehistoric wood. Petrified wood is called the most beautiful of fossils. The spotted look of palmwood is caused by fossilized rod-like structures within the wood. Depending upon the angle the stone is cut, they show up as spots, tapering rods, or lines. Petrified palmwood is very hard and takes a wonderful polish, making beautiful jewelry. Petrified wood is also the state gem of Washington, and the state fossil of North Dakota and Louisiana.



I felt called to create these beautiful earrings to be worn with the matching necklace or alone as a statement all their own. Allow the precious Palm Wood of these earrings to awaken your inner artist.

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