My Parents

After falling in love and learning much about gemstones, I still lacked the skills necessary to create the amazing settings these great gems deserved. After nearly giving up, unsure how to push myself forward without formal training, something magical happened. My father Neal, who is a custom knife maker and artisan, made me realize through his work that I too might have the same gift for metalwork that he had. After this light bulb moment duh, I explored the world of metalsmithing.. POW! I found my calling!

The second I melted my first bezel I was hooked. All the years that had gone by watching him work on his knives, I had absolutely no idea this was what I would pursue for the rest of my life. I am self-taught with thanks to God and my father for passing this gift on to me. I have studied and worked with metal now for several years, creating one of a kind statement pieces with love, creativity and the kind of craftsmanship you deserve.

The gratitude I have for my parents is immeasurable. Both of my parents are artists and have inspired me greatly in jewelry design and metal work. They may humbly say they are not artists, but everything they did in their lives created the designer I am today. I appreciate them both so much for passing their gifts on to me. Thank you daddy, I love you. Thank you mommy for being a creative soul who has helped me appreciate and embrace my own creativity.

Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones and crystals are more than just beautiful fragments of the earths rocks; they create what is known as the Piezoelectric effect. This is a proven process that shows electrical charges and currents are produced in stones when compressed over millions of years; historians believe these electrical currents affect the body’s energy fields, helping enhance or change the emotions and feelings of the wearer. Natural gemstones are not just beautiful, they help us feel more connected to our higher consciousness. I carry this belief as well as positive energy into every piece I create.

Geology and gemology both inspire me and bring my soul to life in beautiful and intriguing ways. Natural gemstones, untouched by chemicals or manmade heat are rare in a special way. These gems are miracles of nature; happy accidents where the right conditions came together to produce materials that are beautiful; and can be cut, shaped, and polished to perfection. Every single piece of jewelry I create is made using ethically sourced, high grade stones. My goal is to create jewelry for you that is beautiful and will touch your soul in a magical way.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is so visually stimulating to me that the emotions that are invoked inspire my artist within so much that designing jewelry becomes easy. Wassily Kandinsky and his Artistic philosophy taught me that it is not about what you see directly when you look at a piece of art, but what you feel. Emotions that are invoked by art are just as important as loving it for its beauty. We humans have been expressing ourselves and our passion for art for hundreds of years. My hope is that if I continue to stay true to myself and create designs from my heart with inspiration and imagination, my pieces will come to life and connect with you on an emotional level. What I strive to pass on to you all is art jewelry that is alive.