Vogue UK – July


Wow! We made it! I still cannot believe that Tamara Michelle Jewelry is in Vogue UK!! It has been such a long road here and I have had many struggles along the way, but it’s these special achievements and hurdles that I get over that remind me of exactly why I live to create jewelry with meaning.

Jewelry has given me an inner peace I have never known, and a passion to live on a daily basis. Making jewelry for others and helping women feel beautiful is my ultimate goal. I put so much love into every piece that I create, that I truly wish to invoke in others an emotion of peace, love, and joy. I want to help others any way I can, because if I can find my way back to expressing myself creatively, I believe I can help others do the same.

Tamara Michelle Jewelry is always evolving and forever changing as many things in this world inspire my art: nature, flowers, animals, and a connection to spirit to name a few. I am excited for the next chapter on this amazing journey. My most recent achievement, completing faceting academy with John Bailey in Klamath Falls Oregon, has given me an amazing new talent and passion, and I am enjoying creating finer jewelry with my very own hand cut gemstones. This is a whole new world of jewelry making, and I’m finding my artistic voice once again.

Thank you Vogue UK for the amazing recommendation, Lisa was so wonderful and easy to work with, we look forward to being in the August and September 2017 issues as well!


Leslie Lothamer
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