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Jewelry For

Your Life’s Dance

Inspired at a young age with the art of jewelry making, Hodges is proud to say that all jewelry is one of a kind and handmade by her. Hodges recalls being, “madly in love with making jewelry since I was a young girl”. Hodges states that,” in the beginning, I beaded and wire wrapped like a champ but always felt something was missing when I created jewelry. I had this burning desire to bring my designs to life and trigger an emotional response in those who came across my work. I found and fell in love with semi-precious gemstones, and realized these gorgeous works of art might just help in this pursuit.

Welcome to the Creative World of Tamara Michelle Jewelry

My goal is to help inspire your life’s dance through handcrafted meaningful jewelry and gorgeous gemstones that were created with nothing but love and God’s divine inspiration..

Jewelry is an extension of who you are, your unique style, and your personality. When you express yourself artistically through jewelry, you inspire others to do the same. Our uniqueness through jewelry makes this inspiration possible, allowing you to show the world that you are a spiritual soul who’s message of love, connection and individual expression makes a difference. Our new dancing angel pendants sustain and support this exact message of expressing to the world your souls love..

We have all been through far more than we expected or even care to discuss these last few years, so today and every day, self care and caring for others has become more important than ever. Handcrafted jewelry that inspires, helps you and others to shine bright in this dark and fallen world, as we all continue to be the light we need to see in this world.

Every piece of jewelry I create or gemstone I cut takes me on an artistic and emotional journey. From the sketches to the finished products, I focus on how the pieces feel, bringing them to life through the artistry of the design and the metaphysical properties of the stones. I carefully study and choose gemstones that mirror the art they reflect, and tie these qualities into the metal fabrication process. My goal is to take you on an emotional yet fashionable journey of confidence, self-expression and individuality through the inspiring jewelry you wear..

I use only the highest quality of ethically sourced gemstones, gem rough and metals available, and am proud to display this in my work. My pieces are always one of a kind, and although I have created many pieces of similar design, no two are or ever will be alike. I believe in honest, hard work, and am dedicated to making my clients feel beautiful and proud to express their individuality through my jewelry.

From my heart to yours, welcome to Tamara Michelle Jewelry.

Thank you for shopping with me, and please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

God Bless,

Tamara Michelle