Elevate your gemstone collection with our Glass-Top Gem Boxes. Crafted for collectors and gem enthusiasts, these elegant boxes are a must-have for showcasing your prized stones.

Our Glass-Top Gem Boxes are spacious enough to accommodate multiple stones, ensuring each one is safely nestled within. The secure snap top lid provides peace of mind, keeping your treasures protected.

Featuring a convenient glass window easel, these boxes transform into stunning displays, allowing you to showcase your gems with pride. When not in use, the easel folds flat into the bottom of the box, maximizing space.

Each box includes a reversible die-cut foam insert in black or white, offering versatility to complement your collection. The viewing area of 2 x 1” provides a perfect glimpse of your gems, while a discreet plastic clip ensures the box remains securely closed.

Transform your gemstone presentation with our Glass-Top Gem Boxes. Shop now for more handmade jewelry and gemstone treasures: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TamaraMJewelry


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