Indulge in the splendor of our stunning Hand-Cut Pietersite Cabochon, a gemstone of the highest quality. Pietersite, also known as “Blue Tiger Eye,” is a rare and coveted variety of quartz renowned for its captivating beauty and unique composition of tiger’s eye and jasper. The mesmerizing chatoyancy, or shimmer and brilliance, brings this extraordinary material to life, creating an enchanting play of color and movement.

The blue mineral in Pietersite, known as ‘Hawk’s eye,’ adds depth and allure to this remarkable stone. Originating from the Henan Province in China and Namibia, South Africa, Pietersite is treasured by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Crafted from natural blue Pietersite, our cabochon measures 18x29x5.6mm and weighs 22.7 carats, making it a substantial and versatile addition to any collection.

At Tamara Michelle Jewelry, every piece is more than just an accessory; it’s a connection between artistic souls. Each purchase is packaged with love, including a polishing cloth and a jewelry pouch, making it perfect for personal wear or gifting.

For international orders, we offer shipping via USPS First Class Mail International, ensuring affordability and safety. This can take from 6-20 days depending on your location, but this is the most affordable and safest way to ship Internationally. If you would like to receive your order via USPS priority 6-10 days, please send me a message after your purchase and I will be happy to expedite your order. We can then work out payment options for the expedited cost difference. **Please note** Some items at 150.00 us dollars or more, shipping from USA to countries such as the UK and Canada, will incur import taxes or duties. TamaraMJewelry cannot be held accountable for such taxes, but please let me know via private message if you have any questions or concerns.

Experience the allure of Pietersite with TamaraMJewelry. Shop now for more exceptional gemstones and jewelry:


A 11x15x3.8mm, B 12x15x5.3mm, C 11x16x4mm, ALL 3 STONES


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